Palgey Main specializes in the design and engineering of modern aquaculture systems as well as construction, operation, training and management of commercial aquaculture project both inland and marine.

End-to-end Aquaculture Solutions

Palgey Maim offers a complete package and end-to-end tailored/turnkey solutions in its aquaculture department – from the initial stages of planning and design to the final stages of operation and distribution. We begin by consulting our clients on site locations, procurement and purchases, system adaptations and more, in order to fully train our clients to run and operate an advanced aquaculture farm. Following the initial stages of construction, we provide all the services necessary in order to manage, sustain, package distribute the product while maintaining the highest quality.

Areas of Expertise and Services

  • Design and engineering of modern aquaculture systems.
  • Surveys, site selection, feasibility and marketing studies, business plans.
  • Executing commercial aquaculture turnkey projects
  • Management, consulting, training and operation of commercial aquaculture projects globally.
  • Improving and upgrading existing aquaculture farms and facilities.
  • Breeding and culture of all known commercial aquaculture fish and shrimp.

Specializing in breeding and culture of all known commercial aquaculture fish and shrimp:

Aquaculture Technology Intensive Rate Productivity:




RAS (Recirculation Aquaculture Systems) Hyper Intensive ≥ 100 kg/m³ 7-15
Flow Through with Pure Oxygen Super Intensive 50-100 kg/m³ 7-10
Flow Through with Aeration Intensive 25-35 kg/m³ 5-10
GWS (Green Water Systems) Semi-Intensive 3-20 kg/m² 3-7
Open Ponds and reservoirs Extensive ≤ 3 kg/m² 3-7
Cage Culture near shore and lakes Intensive 25-50 kg/m³ 3-6
Cage Culture off shore submersible systems Intensive 25-50 kg/m³ 5-9