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Palgey maim is the leading company in Israel for developing water infrastructures.

its areas of expertise include water and Drainage, wastewater treatment institutes, marine farming, water quality inspection in reservoirs and more.

The company has several departments: Planning Department, Entrepreneurship Department and project execution, operations and maintenance department and more.

Palgey maim is a pioneer company in the field of water farming in Israel, applying aquaculture systems in aquaculture farms.

The company offers extensive experience in planning, development and implementation of advanced ecological projects in the field of marine farming in Israel with a series of successful projects in the field, using advanced work techniques and leading technologies.

The company specializes in implementing projects of aquaculture systems, marine farming projects, aquaculture fish breeding and more. A great example of this type of project is the establishment of a unique fish farm with a fish-breeding program in

Kibbutz Dan in the new pools.

Aquaculture Turnkey Projects

The new pool project at Kibbutz Dan was a great option to build ponds for new fish, which produce caviar. These fish grow in pools for about 8 years and made a huge transformation from being a tiny, weighing only 50 grams fish, to reach a weight of 20 pounds as mature fish.

This is where we actually performed three total discharge projects of 2,000 MCM when the fish total weigh in the project was 200 tons.

The company specializes in providing planning and construction solutions including the formation of geometric configurations and various structural materials for pools according to its final consultations.

Another unique project we developed was the first workshop in Israel for practical microscopy, which took many compliments from the participants of the workshop and was presented as a great success.

Need professional advice in the marine farming industry?

We will be happy to stand at your disposal, to advise you on the subject and to harness the vast experience we have accumulated in the field as a leading company in Israel in the marine farming industry for the establishment of fish farms, raising fishery fish, etc.

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