A Message From Our CEO

Eng. Zafrir Sofer
Eng. Zafrir Sofer
Palgey Main CEO

Palgey Maim has been an important part of my life for over 30 years. When I first started working here as a young engineer and Technion graduate, I was filled with respect for the men and women who dedicate their lives to the creation of a better planet. After many years of company service, I was appointed as CEO over a decade ago, and have witnessed how our firm has grown from 10 to 100, specializing in numerous segments and offering our clients the best possible services. Over these 30+ years, I have learned that Palgey Maim is based upon two guiding principles – people and environment. As a CEO, I am proud to say that our team is always striving to create a better world for the people and the environment.

The people.

First and foremost, our clients – to whom we are committed 24/7 and pledge to provide services that are professional and reliable. As a service provider, Palgey Maim has always put the clients’ needs as a top priority.

Secondly, our team – the greatest asset of our firm, and our pillar through which we are able develop creative and superior projects. Out team is our family, and I am proud to say that our employees stay with us for many years and are given the finest of conditions in order to best preform their work.

Thirdly and lastly, the farmers – I am filled with pride when I see new orchards along our irrigation lines and new farms in the arid hills and valleys of the deserts. Our water and reclaimed water infrastructures have provided jobs and livelihood to many farmers and have created a development of new crops in previously barren areas.

The environment.

Palgey Maim has always followed the guiding principle of creating a better world and a greener future, domestically and globally. I have watched our firm restore rivers to former glories, and have watched our teams create treatment plants that have saved ecosystems from destruction. I am honored to say that Palgey Maim is turning waste into a resource and creating solutions that are beneficial for the people and the environment.

Our firm is a leader in developing and implementing sustainable infrastructures around the world, and despite our 40 years in the industry we have remained as dynamic as ever – always striving to improve and always looking for better technology. I have witnessed our firm being the first to implement countless technology and I know that we will continue to become better than we are today.

I invite you to take a look around our website and learn more about how we are designing and developing with community and environment in mind.

Eng. Zafrir Sofer
צרו קשר
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