Social Responsibility

Giving back to our communities and instilling a sense of social responsibly in our workplace has always been one of Palgey Maim’s top priorities.

Here are a few examples from our recent community service:

Volunteering for Pitchon Lev Organization, 2016

Established in 1998, Pitchon Lev is a non-profit humanitarian organization committed to breaking the poverty cycle in Israel. The organization helps those less fortunate by providing clothes, food, guidance and support.

Here are a few photos of Palgey Maim’s team, before the Jewish New Year holiday – helping pack food deliveries to families in need, and making sure that these families have a better holiday.

Good Deeds Day, 2016

Palgey Maim is a firm dedicated to preserving the environment. Here are several photos from a cooperative initiative between Palgey Maim and LOTEM. LOTEM was established in 1993, and works to make nature accessible to individuals with special needs. LOTEM enables more that 30,000 participants to take part in nature activities every year – unlocking the door of nature to all.

Good Deeds Day, 2015

A joint collaboration between Palgey Maim and LOTEM, restoring the Emek HaShalom (Valley of Peace) Farm which has been operational since 1995, and is used to demonstrate ancient farming to special needs individuals and groups.

Miv’tza Tzuk Eitan (Operation Protective Edge) – Palgey Maim volunteers for IDF

Palgey Maim teams volunteering during Operation Tzuk Eitan (also referred to as the 2014 Israel-Gaza conflict). The firm has gathered donations from several organizations, such al clothing, toiletries and food.

צרו קשר
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