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5 Tips for Establishing a Reclamation Project

You decided to establish a reclamation project?Here are some critical points to consider before embarking on the project.
A reclamation project includes many components; a dirt reservoir with a capacity of 1 million cubic meters, a pumping station which handles thousands of cubic meters per hour, irrigation pipelines to the irrigated lands and irrigation systems.
It is a complex enterprise whose construction involves heavy costs and must be operated for many years. Another challenge is the fact that the regulations and agricultural conditions are constantly changing.
What does this mean? It is worth investing a great deal of thought and taking into consideration a few important principles before embarking on this journey.

  1. The base is economic planning. Do not proceed before you have made a calculation that takes into consideration the costs of setting up and operating against the return capacity of agricultural crops over the years. Remember that this is an investment for years and therefore it is very important to make a conservative calculation which will provide you with maximum confidence that the project is able to operate for years.
  2. The critical point is the statutory. Do not underestimate the statutory part. This is the main obstacle to the establishment of the reclamation project, especially in reservoirs. Promoting this issue is critical to the establishment of the project on a reasonable timescale. If you do not promote it from step A, it may delay the establishment for years and can even prevent it. Too bad!
  3. Thinking beyond is a high redundancy. Do not downsize! Design the project with more than twice as much irrigated land than necessary. Why? Because the possibility of moving from irrigation of one space to a nearby space would be an excellent solution at a  time of crisis for a specific farmer or a specific crop. Furthermore, make sure that your facility is tailored to supply water to a variety of crops and plantations, this will  provide stability over the years.
  4. The secret is in the purchase price of water at point-of-entry. Consider that a substantial part of the reclamation project relies on the water being transferred from neighboring projects. Be prepared, calculate and pre-examine water prices including all payments for the transfer of wastewater from adjacent projects. Avoid unpleasant surprises.
  5. The secret is in the amount of water. A reclamation project will rise or fall in accordance with the amount of water that is available on a specified schedule.The construction of this kind of project requires heavy investment and if the water is available only many years after the construction, the project will not be able to hold on. Another unpleasant surprise that you can save yourself by planning in advance.


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