Cleaning and renewing sewage sedimentation ponds Ramat Ishai wastewater purification plant

Project details

A wastewater treatment plant based on semi-extensive technology requires highly basic operation including, as part of its operational activity, removal of the sludge from the sedimentation ponds. At the Ramat Ishai wastewater treatment plant, after years of operation without being emptied, the ponds became almost completely blocked. The average inflow is- 46,420 m³/day.

Lab results showing that the treatment process was not taking place as expected and the effluent quantity was not meeting the regulatory requirements.

It was necessary to remove the sludge from the ponds, preserving the pond walls, piping systems, pond coating etc. It was also necessary to treat the sludge in order to meet the regulatory standards.

Work details

  • Pumping the water.
  • Removal of the sludge to an adjacent area with a backhoe loader and truck. The sludge was dried for a period of a year.
  • Dredging the polishing pond and transfer to a clean sedimentation pond in order to achieve a state of sedimentation.
  • Renovation of ventilators and installation in the polishing pond.
  • Loading the sludge onto trucks with a power shovel and transporting it to a compost site that treats and recycles sludge for different uses.
  • A total of 1,800 tons of sludge was removed from the sedimentation pond, including drying and pumping the water

Project info

Assigned workers

  • Yitzhak Kliger - project manager and planner

Client details

Client name

  • Ma'ayanot Ha'amakim Corporation

Contact name

  • Sa'id Kedach - engineer


  • 054-6747374

Our Services

Planning the removal
Handling sending tests to the lab for confirmation of where the sludge should be taken
Implementation in practice
Supervision of the work process

Project pictures

ponds cleaning
ponds cleaning
pouring water into a pond
pouring water into a pond
final image after cleaning
final image after cleaning
Ramat Ishai
Ramat Ishai
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