Kedmat Galil – Cleaning and Renovation of Settling Ponds

Project details

After many years of operation without maintenance, the settling pools, which absorb the wastewater from the Kedmat Galil industrial area, were almost completely blocked. Laboratory results showed that the treatment process did not occur as expected and the quality of effluents did not meet regulatory requirements.

It was necessary to remove the sludge and clean the pools, while preserving the walls of the basins, the plumbing systems, the basin cover, and more. it was also important to treat the sludge in order for it to comply with regulations.

Detailed process

  • Repairing the plastic sheets at the bottom of the pool.
  • Removal of the sludge, using a backhoe to transfer it to the evaporation pools
  • Loading the sludge onto trucks and transporting it to a compost site, where it could be processed and recycled for various purposes.
  • A total of 600 tons of sludge were removed from the settling pond, followed by drying and pumping the remaining water.

Project info

Assigned workers

  • Yitzhak Kliger - Project Manager

Client details

Client name

  • Gat Water (Mey Gat) Corporation

Contact name

  • Danny - Operations Manager


  • 052-3368497

Our Services

Planning of sludge removal
Sending samples to a laboratory for approval of sludge disposal location
Project supervision
Operation of the reservoir and ongoing maintenance

Project pictures

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