Construction of Pre-Treatment System for Carcass Disposal Facility

Project details

The pre-treatment system was constructed in order to reduce the concentration of fat and oil originating from the Carcass disposal facility sewage flowing to the wastewater treatment plant belonging to Kibbutz Ginegar.

Detailed process

Implementation of the emergency facility included the construction of:

  • 2 multi-stage chemical reactors.
  • Inlet Pipe going from the pipe exiting the Carcass disposal facility, to the top of container A – the aerobic reactor.
  • Separation valves and pipe drain.
  • Air dispersion system using floating diffusers for uniform distribution of air in the reactor.
  • Sludge recirculation pump moving material between the bottom of the sediment and the aerobic rector.
  • 2 blowers supplying air at a capacity of 550 m3/h each.
  • Main electrical panel for the system.

The porject is based on:

Wastewater Treatment Plants
Wastewater Treatment Plants
Low Voltage Electricity
Low Voltage Electricity

Project info

Assigned workers

  • Ofer Shoer - Chief Planner
  • Natasha Pinhasi - Planner
  • Yitzhak Kliger - Execution Manager
  • Tamir Ben Nahum - Execution Manager

Client details

Client name

  • Ha'emek Carcass disposal facility

Contact name

  • Efi Semesh


  • 04-6543602

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