Ethiopia – Land Survey and Water storage Plan for Mango Plantation 

Project details

  • Land Survey at the Saka Farm and at three sites adjacent to the plantation
  • Planning excavations, facilities for water collection , diversion and storage.

The Saka Farm is a mango farm located in south east Ethiopia. The size of the farm is approximately 2,500 dunams comprising mango trees – 8 years old or less – and on the perimeter of the farm is a coffee plantation. We were asked to conduct a feasibility survey of the absorption of surface runoff-water on the plantation, planning of land surveyance, sealing, water collection and diversion facilities.  For purposes of improving yields, we set up a number of water collection and irrigation systems.  During the work, reference was made to the specific topography of the farm and the need to cope with accessibility problems such as mud, land-collapse and entry into an area with prolific, dense vegetation.


      1. Surveyance at the Saka Farm and three adjacent sites, including:
        – Clearance of vegetation and excavation of 18 ditches.
        – Portable laboratory and field services (for purposes of soil and water inspection).
        – Preparing a report of findings and their
      2. Planning excavations and facilities for water collection ,diversion and storage, including:
        – Topographical assessment of the local network
        – Reference to requirements according to field challenge

Country: Ethiopia                                               Commencement Date: 2016
Location: Saka Farm adjacent to Mizan               Completion Date: 2017
Execution Value: 5.0 million NIS


  • Land Survey
  • Planning a Ravine Reservoir

Project info

Assigned workers

  • Amit Fischer - Key Person

Client details

Client name

  • Irri al tal

Contact name

  • Avri Livne


  • 072-220-1419

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מבט מלמעלה על שטח המטע
מבט מלמעלה על שטח המטע
גלישה מהמאגר במתקן העודפים טרם השלמת בנייתו
גלישה מהמאגר במתקן העודפים טרם השלמת בנייתו
האיגום המלא בחוות סקה בחורף הראשון
האיגום המלא בחוות סקה בחורף הראשון
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