Kibbutz Dalia – Sedimentation Pond Cleaning and Renewal

Project details

After many years of limited activity, the sedimentation ponds collecting the wastewater from Kibbutz Dalia became almost completely blocked. Laboratory results showed the expected treatment process was flawed and the effluent quantity failed to meet the regulatory standards.

It became necessary to remove the sludge from the ponds, while preserving the pond walls, piping systems, pond coating etc.

Sludge treatment was also required to meet the regulatory standards.

Work details

  • Pumping the water into an adjacent pond.
  • Removing the sludge to a drying pond using a backhoe loader.
  • Loading the sludge onto trucks and transporting it to a compost site for treating and recycling to serve various diverse uses.
  • A total of 300,000 thousand tons of sludge was removed from the sedimentation pond including drying and pumping the water.

The porject is based on:

Sludge removal and cleaning
Sludge removal and cleaning

Project info

Assigned workers

  • Yitzhak Kliger - project manager and planner

Client details

Client name

  • Kibbutz Dalia

Contact name

  • Shacham Mitler - community director


  • 054-6747374

Our Services

Planning the removal process
Handling the sending of tests to the laboratory to confirm optimum sites for unloading the sludge
Implementation in practice
Supervision of the work process

Project pictures

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