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Project details

Planning and implementation of the upgrade and expansion of the David Institute wastewater treatment plant, in order to increase the plant’s capacity, improve the quality of the treated effluent, and install a tertiary filtering and disinfection system at the plant.

The effluent will be channeled to the effluent return system of the Ma’agarei Asher water corporation, for irrigating agricultural land in the Mate Asher region.

Details of process:

  • Upgrading the secondary wastewater treatment plant and adapting it to a design throughput of 1,000 m3 per day.
  • Adapting the facility for the removal of nitrogen and phosphorus using a BNR process.
  • Biological removal of nutrients.
  • Installation of tertiary treatment – filtering and disinfecting effluents from the plant to meet the requirements of the relevant standard.
  • Implementation of an effluent delivery pipe to channel the effluent to the Ma’agarei Asher network of reservoirs in Zevulun Valley.
  • Installing an emergency reservoir to collect effluents in the event of a failure to meet the relevant standard’s requirements .
  • Installing a new control system at the plant, including monitoring quality and communication with a control center.

The porject is based on:

Wastewater treatment facilities
Wastewater treatment facilities

Project info

Assigned workers

  • Ofer Sho'er - chief planner and primary supervision
  • Natasha Pinchasi - planner and primary supervision
  • Yossi Harari - close On-site supervision

Client details

Client name

  • Rafael

Contact name

  • Aviram Cohen - project manager


  • 04-8794545

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Planning the upgrade of the existing pre-treatment facility
Close (OR "On-site") and primary supervision until handover

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