Costa Rica Sewage Master Plan

sri lanka Conceptual plan for drainage and water supply

Ethiopia - Land survey for mango plantation

Macedonia- Water treatment facility

Farm for Breeding Sturgeon Fish for Caviar

Catfish Farm in Zikkim

Kibbutz Shaar Haamakim - Cowshed Wastewater Treatment

Nestle (Osem Yokneam) - Food & Beverages Wastewater Treatment - physico chemical treatment system

Sewage Treatment Plant for Cities of the Jezreel Valley

Kibbutz Dan -Trout Ponds

Ramat HaShofet Wastewater Treatment Plant - Cleaning and Renovation of Settling Ponds

Kedmat Galil - Cleaning and Renovation of Settling Ponds

Yokne'am Tivon - Cleaning and Renovation of Sewage Ponds

Master Plan for Water Supply to the Zippori Stream

Kibbutz Beit Hashita - Separation of Sewage from High-Salt Wastewater at the Pickle Factory

Construction of Pre-Treatment System for Carcass Disposal Facility

Upgrading of Pre-Treatment Facility for Food Waste from the Ma’adanei-Mizra Food Factory

Rova Yizre'el, Afula - Rearrangement of Harod Stream

Kibbutz Yizrael - Planning of Land Levelling Project

Kibbutz Mizra - Underground Drainage of the Yafia Area

Quiminha (Angola) Planning and Construction

Drainage Appendix- Upper Nazareth Mount Yonah III

Arena - Gaaton River Culvert

Hatzbani Dan energy plant Optimisation planning

Kibbutz Dan - Sturgeon Ponds

Bogoma - River State Nigeria - Fish breeding farm

Andoni - Fish breeding farm River State Nigeria

Shaar Ha’amakim Reclamation System WSS for irrigation

Kibbutz Shaar Haamakim - Cowshed Wastewater Treatment

Cleaning and renewing sewage sedimentation ponds Ramat Ishai wastewater purification plant

Kibbutz Dalia - Sedimentation Pond Cleaning and Renewal

Hasargel Reclamation system WSS & reservoir

Rafael - Wastewater pre-treatment facility

Kibbutz Harduf wastewater treatment plan

Rani Hasolelim - WWTP